A video created for FamilyKind, a New York City nonprofit helping children and parents cope with the emotional fallout of divorce and separation. An alternate version of this video was created to appeal to families living in a suburban environment.

  • Client: www.FamilyKind.org
  • Lesley Ann Friedland, Executive Director: "I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Andrea since the launch of FamilyKind in 2012. She is extremely hardworking, talented, bright, creative and inquisitive. Andrea not only came up with a way to produce two videos for us on a shoestring budget, she also helped us refine our message and conduct internal and external research. Andrea always goes beyond what is asked and gives of her time and expertise in the most generous way possible. I often rely on her videos to help FamilyKind get opportunities, and sometimes I just watch them because I love them."