A peek at the powerful healing power of TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) at a summer camp for teenagers who have suffered early trauma, as they build trusting relationships and scale new heights. The clip is from a seven-chapter video demonstrating a unique, research-based program to help parents, teachers, and other professionals guide these teenagers down a healing path.

  • Client: TCU Institute of Child Development
  • Olive Talley, Executive Producer, The Healing Families Video Series: "Andrea Fleischer is a superb talent: smart, organized, hard working and one of the most visually creative producers I know. She’s a quick study, able to digest vast amounts of video and information, distill it to its essence and then craft it into a compelling story. You can count on Andrea to give everything she’s got to everything she does. She’s passionate and devoted to excellence. She’s incapable of giving you anything less than her best."
  • More at: http://child.tcu.edu